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(preˈstēj) widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality.

We provide the systems. You choose the results.


With a combined 50 years of experience in lifting and dieting, our team has created a system based on what we ourselves did not have access to but would have helped us the most in reaching our goals quickly and safely. Our mission is to address those struggles and guide our clients to the best, strongest, leanest, and fittest version of themselves. We will push you to your goals through one of a kind 60-minute training sessions, a guided nutrition experience, and healthful habit planning. It's not just about the gym, the diet, or the workouts. It's about the team behind you.

How would you like to train with us?

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*All potential members must first schedule an orientation meeting followed by a "tryout" week prior to signing up. Click the IN-GYM button to learn more.


Workout Times:

5am - 6am
6am - 7am
7am - 8am
8am - 9am
12pm - 1pm
4pm - 5pm
5pm - 6pm
6pm - 7pm
7pm - 8pm

Open Monday - Friday

High-quality products to support your active lifestyle...

The PSF high density strength training philosophy...