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We develop a personalized nutrition plan based on your goals. Whether you want to burn fat, gain muscle, or tone up, our coaches will design a plan that is sustainable for you and keep you energized throughout your busy daily schedule. 


Whether you prefer to workout in the gym or remotely in the comfort of your own home, you will have access to our Prestige Strength Fitness app where you can keep track of your progress with your program and meal plan.


To keep you fully committed and engaged, you will be assigned your own personal accountability coach who will be with you throughout the process to make sure you stick with your program. 

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Our Functional Strength and Conditioning program is a well-balanced blend of Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Athletic Conditioning and Mobility. These workouts are run in a group setting to promote motivation, accountability and camaraderie. Your workouts will be programmed for you and modified when needed. You will receive coaching that rivals one-on-one training.  This program is suitable for lifters of every level and age assuming that everyone shares the same intense work ethic and desire to work hard. This program is ideal for people who wish to achieve an even balance of strength, athleticism and mobility.

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Workout Times

Monday - Friday

5-6 am

6-7 am

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12-1 pm

4-5 pm

5-6 pm

6-7 pm

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*Closed every Thursday from 1:15pm - 3:15pm




Prestige Strength Fitness

8572 Katy Freeway Suite 105

Houston, TX 77024

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Honestly, this is the best workout place I have ever been. It is evident that the staff at Prestige Fitness want you to get better and want you to achieve your goals and to be honest, it is one of the many reasons why I was drawn to this place. One of the many reasons why this place excels is that it is like like getting a personal trainer for free. Another reason why I love Prestige Fitness is that i feel like my workouts are specifically tailored to my needs. This gym without any exaggeration is the best gym I have ever been too. What are you waiting for? Join already.

-Phillip Smith

Knowledgeable trainer with a great program. Constantly creating new workouts, which helps keep things interesting. Stephen brings a fresh approach to group fitness training by being adaptive and creative with each individual client.

-Eric Attayi

I’ve worked out at Prestige for 5 years. Stephen offers both group and individual workout programs: body building and power lifting. Group workouts change daily. There is a strong focus on stretching and foam rolling which has helped prevent injuries and help with flexibility. Stephen is excellent at injury prevention and helping you recover from a lingering injury, if you are a willing participant. His continual research on cutting edge theories regarding fat loss, weight gain, strength gains and flexibility, show a real commitment to getting his clients the best results possible. Diet and nutrition help is also available. Nice people with great attitudes in this gym.

-Kate Pernoud

Core Fitness


8572 Katy Fwy #105

Houston, Texas 77024

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