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Our Functional Strength and Conditioning program is a well-balanced blend of Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Athletic Conditioning and Mobility. These workouts are run in a group setting to promote motivation, accountability and camaraderie. Your workouts will be programmed for you and modified when needed. You will receive coaching that rivals one-on-one training.  This program is suitable for lifters of every level and age assuming that everyone shares the same intense work ethic and desire to work hard. This program is ideal for people who wish to achieve an even balance of strength, athleticism and mobility.

The systems you get with the 

Prestige Strength Method...





Goal Based

Nutrition Plan

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Everyone has their own mini gym within our gym!

Pull-up Bar

Blast Straps

Squat Rack 


Mini Resistance Bands




Resistance Bands

Membership Discounts

First Responders, Military, & Teachers >> 25% off membership

Family Members >> Buy one get one 50% off

What our members are saying...

"Prestige Strength Fitness is like no other gym. It is a family. The coaches take a personal interest in your success, your progress, your injuries, and your overall health. You get personal training without the personal training price. PSF will help you reach your goals. I have been a member since 2010 and have found my forever gym!" -April Graham


"What can I say about Prestige  Strength Fitness?  A gym I have religiously gone to for 10+ years?! I'd say it is the absolute best workout routine anyone could ask for. Not to mention the finest coaching staff anywhere. It is not a Crossfit or a Y or even a boring "try to workout on your own" kind of place. It is basically, one on one strength training in a group setting. You have your own "area" with your own equipment, but have the competitive feeling of your gym friend next to you! It is clean, safe, friendly, but most of all... effective! Workouts are challenging and change up frequently to ensure you hit every muscle group throughout the week. It's a routine I plan on continuing for a long time to come! Thank you for everything, Prestige Strength Fitness!!" -Pat Ford

"Knowledgeable trainer with a great program. Constantly creating new workouts, which helps keep things interesting. Stephen brings a fresh approach to group fitness training by being adaptive and creative with each individual client." -Eric Attayi

"I have been with Prestige for birthdays 49 through 57 and watched them develop and build the business profile. I still find each workout different, challenging, and mostly fun. For me, fitness is a lifestyle and PSF exemplifies this in their approach. Stephen leads his team to workout along with clients and share in the struggles of gains or losses while also offering nutrition guidance to help set a foundation for success and lifestyle changes to ensure you reach and keep goals . His knowledge and attention to functional strength insures that as the inevitable aches occur, you will be guided to improve personal form, posture, and body awareness."  -Beth Gibson

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Workout Times

Monday - Friday

5-6 am

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5-6 pm

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*Closed every Thursday from 1pm - 3:30pm